PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

Make safety a priority with First Glove Reclamation.

First Glove Reclamation is a company that knows safety. And no matter what context you or your work force are working in, the key to a successful company and a competent team is safety – of both your own labour force and the individuals around you. First Glove Reclamation is a personal protective equipment supplier and importer that prides itself in providing the very best quality products for the safety and security of all. When it comes to peace of mind, it’s a guaranteed additional benefit when you choose to count on First Glove Reclamation.

This experienced and proud company has a wide range of personal protective equipment suitable for a wide range of jobs and applications. Their range of leather gloves come as both brand new, and recycled, and First Glove Reclamation boasts the biggest range in the country! Other personal protective equipment that they’re able to provide for you include their ranges of eye wear, foot wear, respiratory equipment, harnesses, hearing equipments, rags – woven and non-woven -, head and face wear, and other protective clothing. All of the leather items they provide are also available as new or recycled, so that you’ll be able to find the reliable and protective personal equipment you need, without losing an arm and a leg to pay for it!

To find out more about their range of personal protective equipment, or to ask for a quote, contact the professional and efficient team at First Glove Reclamation on 011 974 1122 or e-mail their Sales Director Dayle Thompson on daylet@global.co.za

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